I start with Javascript

HTML and CSS is not new to me. I actually play around with both since many years. Sometimes more and sometimes less. I started with WordPress (the CMS I use for this page as well) but moved on to Joomla for a project and also wrote my own HTML/CSS text to create websites in the past. I spent nights to understand PHP on a local installed XAMPP Server. But I always made a turn around Javascript. It was a security issue in the early two thousends to play around with JS on online server. Things like XSS (Cross Scripting Attacks) were a common way to attack website and highjack pages for criminal reasons. But it was always on my bucket list. With the slogan now or never in mind I booked an UDEMY course with Janis Seemann about Javascript on Node.js (backend) and it was fun for me to learn the lessons. I thought it will be good to book a college course and work on an official diploma about the basics etc.. Therefor I wrote myself in. It starts Monday morning and takes four weeks full-time from Monday to Friday. I am really exciting what I am going to learn in the next month.