4 weeks full time trip javascript

After sitting four weeks from early in the morning until late evening in front of my screen and try to conquer the world of Javascript I haven’t recognized how fast it flied away. And according to my teacher, I made many classical mistakes. Some never will happen in the world outside coding. For instance white font on white background and you’ll try to sort out why the hell you can’t see the text made from the program.. or single <,>, $, () things missing and you have to scroll through many lines of code. From outside and if you sit here and read that, it sounds boring – frustrating and like no-fun-mode. But it was the opposite for me. I will book the weekend to practice and learn for my exam on Monday.

One idea to notice is to send my next sales team to a programmer basic course. Just to understand the concept of OOP (object oriented programming) and slightly use it in the sales process. I keep my opinion that sales and programming is a match.