The 1st week with JavaScript – what I learn from coding

The first week is done. Due to the situation I didn’t meet the other class mates, we learn javaScript online. Either coding then online learning is not new to me, but I already learned that the IT branch used it long before covid hit the world with a pandemic.

The two ends of Video Calling

The difference between sales video calls and coding video calls is crystal clear. Coding as video call is a very silent event. It is one talking and the others run communication with smileys, the chat function or very little words as spoken comment. In sales all talk, argue or present something (sometimes just themselves). I am not sure what situation I do like more but I learned that a call can be without any voice – my tutor told me (more than often) “You need to stand the silence” (hard for a sales person :)).

OOP could be a sales-solving scenario

OOP, or for all which are not familiar with all those shortages in the software world, Object Oriented Programming, is a good thing. In simple words: you take care of objects, not of the whole project. Both ways existing in the programming world. I would say that the most sales procedures are working from top to button if it would be code. It is not given to clamp out some objects and continue the work. But I think it is necessary to pause some objects sometimes but do not lose the rest of the program.
The price is not the very best [pause], we take care of other objects first.
The package is too big? [pause] let’s look at the other objects and we define in the very end if “too big” is still right or not. In the most cases and “false” return end the sales process. Note to myself: Let’s think how to implement OOP in my daily process.

Problem solving from back to front

For working with javaScript it is naturally given that you need to come from “back” to end. One of the first finding I have had is -> never try to program everything in once. Do it step by step, compile it and look if the result fits with your idea, step by step, block by block. But you can write whatever you like in your editor and the modern browser will assist you but you see it first on loading (javaScript is a client site language, that means it doesn’t need to be sent to a server, the browser is doing that job).

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