My Python AI-buddy

A lot things have changed. I remember in all my books about php and mysql, the internet was slow and I struggled to keep my XAMPP running on my laptop. Funny enough, I had a 5 GB volume limit on my monthly internet stream and I seldom reached it. Unbelievable nowadays. A good thing: the breakthrough of AI. Besides a course at HPI (Hasso Plattner Institute) and my book from Eric Betthes (oldschool I know) I started a ChatGPT “Python Buddy”. What I am doing is asking for exercises, copy my code to the AI-buddy and ask for feedback or asking questions and go into the details for the provided Python code. It is very easy to “speak” to my Python-Buddy and learn about the syntax, to simplyfy solutions and code and to get new excerises and ideas to grow my knowledge.