CSRD & Sustainability Reporting Course @ LFCA

I am happy I did it. It was a twelve week course at Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA) where we worked us through the new big framework for of sustainability, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Standard (CSRD) and the European Sustainability Reporting Standard (ESRS). We started with “get familiar” and we end up with “write your report”. The entire team of LFCA invested a lot of time, creativity and efforts into the workshops. I met a lot good persons during the course and we worked together to make it done. No borders, no competition, all wanted to be ready after the course.

What do we looked at?
Value Chain analysis, Stakeholder Analysis and Mapping, double materialiy asssessment, get an understanding of the major topical standards such as E1 (Environmental) and S1 (Social), sustainable communication, reading and understanding the standards at all,..

I always had problems to “grap” the CSRD/ESRS. It is a 284 pages monster about regulation, duties, policies and things we need to report in the future. And it becomes mandatory for more than 50.000 corporates in the EU. After 2029 also non-EU corporates are affected if they have a daughter company in the EU and have a specific turnover made in the EU. After the course I can say that I can structure the big thing into handy smaller portions and oversee the task we as a company need to do. All in all, this course and the post here reminds me that I can write about Sustainability as well 😀 ..

The “Badge of Distincation” is an extra for participants made their homework, participated on every single meeting and had an active role in the course. 🙂

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